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A Complete Buying guide for a New Car


A Complete Buying guide for a New Car


Purchasing a vehicle belongs to expensive investments. Therefore, you should step into the shoes of the assertion-“buyer’s cautious” and take the right decision about buying a new car by understanding certain factors. There are a couple of things that anyone should keep in mind when buying a vehicle instead of being carried away by the stylish exteriors and the amazing built that most cars have these days. Considering your purpose, garage space and overall budget- you should explore the showrooms or certain car manufacturers. Have an intense talk to the sales experts and test drive those cars before deciding which car you’re driving back home.

Factors you need to consider when buying a car


The brand of your choice

Depending on your choice, you can visit the dealerships and explore the diverse models they showcase. For example, if you’re intrigued to buy a Honda SUV, you should stick to that. Instead of ransacking different dealers of different automobile companies- you should narrow down your choices to save time and buy the exact vehicle you wish to purchase.

Sedan vs. SUV

Before you think of buying a car, you should have a plan whether you want to buy an SUV or should you stick to a classic sedan or a saloon considering your budget and garage space. Sedans ensure sophistication and the ultimate comfort. The SUVs (SUB URBAN Vehicles) are big cars with larger wheels, capable of driving on waters particularly in flooded areas and ideal to drive on rugged roads and ideal to drive on highways. For a bigger space and more seating capacities, usually families with more number of members buy SUVs.

Special features

Talk to the dealers about the improvements you want in the vehicle after choosing the base models. You can ask them to enhance the engine power and elevate to a sports utility vehicle along with reframing the whole interior to the exact color and material you want along with the entertainment stuff.


When you’re out to buy a vehicle, you should consider a budget even if you’re buying the car on financing. You should research well and wisely take a decision. If money is a constraint, opting for the Certified Pre Owned cars will be a better option.

Maintenance cost

Whenever buying a car, talk about maintenance. Make sure, you don’t have to change the oils every now and then unlike the services A and B offered by Mercedes and other popular automobile czars.

Should we go for top model?



Driving a luxury vehicle will add a feather to your hat. If you’re concerned about the status quo, driving an Audi, Ferrari or a Mercedes-Benz is a matter to take pride in. Visit a reputed dealer of the chosen brand and have a word with them regarding the exact base model which will be ideal for you considering your priorities. The trained and expert executives at the dealerships are ready to guide you throughout the purchasing episode followed by the post-sales services as well. So, you can now make your neighbors raise their eyebrow or create a jaw-dropping face as you drive out the spectacular car from your driveway to the street.

Luxury of driving

Enjoy the luxury of driving a BMW or Mercedes as the German stalwart car manufacturers have a legacy of designing and manufacturing the finest models showcasing the automobile wonders in their cars since inception. You’ll feel the luxury of driving the vehicle starting from the excellent ergonomic driver’s seat with ample leg-space. The fully automated models have win hearts but if you prefer a manual gear- you can customize accordingly.

Superior engines

Luxury cars not only assure state-of-art interiors and spaciousness with plus seats and décor- but the cars are unbeatable when it comes to engine performance. You’ll feel the powerful but noiseless engines whether built for petrol or diesel. Even if you are not buying a sports utility vehicle, you can enjoy the strength of the powerful engine and its torque and the speed it ensures during the drive. Enhance your driving experience with the luxury car.


How to lower down price of your selected Car by preferring model range?

If budget is a constraint then set your hawk’s eye on the comfortable cars ensuring a comparatively lower price. For instance, Hyundai or Honda selling cars for the middle to upper middle classes tend to keep an affordable range for the first-time new car buyers or for those looking for a luxurious car but at a lower price.

You can also lower down the cost by cutting down accessories. Start with the interiors and the music system. Instead of spending on pure leather seats, you can go for the faux leather seats and interiors with a standard Sony car audio system with speakers. Cut off the amplifiers too for reducing the price limit.

New car buyers are often suggested to compromise with a lower car model offering comfortable boot space and mediocre interiors with a decent engine horsepower ensuring higher mileage. Opt for a diesel vehicle. Though the price of diesel vehicles is costlier than standard petrol cars however in the long-run you will have to spend less on fuel.

Look for the economic cars with good mileage on highways, easy maintenance for cheaper spare parts and install economic accessories in the car for reducing the overall expenditure on the new car.

What are the “must-have” features in your car?


Fuel efficiency

Economic new car buyers always look for this feature. If the car is intended to hit the road daily, the owner would always look forward to a car with higher mileage and fuel-efficiency.

Collision control features

Make sure the car has dual air bags in the front seat. Also, vehicles with adaptive cruise control help to set a specific speed on the highways. It’s a push button that helps in maintaining the speed limit.

Heated steering

In cold regions drivers often find it difficult to move the wheels for the extreme cold. By using a heated steering, they don’t have to struggle in moving the wheels or have to wear gloves that often cause trouble to drive.

A good entertainment system

Whether it’s an economic car or a luxury car, drivers would always prefer having a great music system with rear speakers with amplifiers. Even if you don’t want amplifiers, you can have rear speakers with Dolby so that the beats and bass create a great ambience inside the car as you drive.

Android/Apple supportive system

You can now connect your smartphone with the car system by using the WIFI hotspot in your vehicle and use the best of technology for an improved driving. The updated voice GPS helps in complete navigation.

Ideal tires

Choosing the tires according to the climate is essential. If you live in normal tropical or humid climate use the summer tires if your home is at higher altitude where you experience snowfall in winters then buying winter tires for the car is essential.

Petrol Vs. Diesel Vs. Gas Engines


Buying petrol engine vehicles is always ideal for personal use unless, you have to cover several kilometers daily. Diesel cars are mostly used for commercial purposes and for those who have to cover longer kilometers on a daily basis. Gas engines can also be economic and eco-friendly. If you want to save the world from the constant burn out fumes of the car exhausts then opt for the gas engines and protect Mother Earth.

Ground Clearance for New Car

 An average ground clearance of a new car is—

·        For a Hatchback it should be around 168mm.

·        For a Compact Sedan, the ground clearance must be of minimum 170mm.

·        A Sedan is expected to have a gap from its chassis to road with minimum 165mm.

·        Compact SUV is expected to have a gap of 190-200mm from the chassis and the ground.

·        A regular SUV’s ground clearance is 225mm.

·        A Sports Coupe should maintain a gap from the road with around 135-140mm.

What is Ex-Showroom Price and On Road Price of a New Car?

It’s a common confusion among new car owners. The matter is very simple if you calmly understand. The term ex-showroom price of the car stands for the price that the auto manufacturer charges for building the car including the GST & Service tax and the commission of the dealer.

Now, after purchasing the new car from the showroom you can’t hit it on road and start using. The next step includes the registration of the vehicle, road tax payment, insurance of the vehicle and third-party, annual maintenance package, handling and logistic charges, extra accessories, and extended warranty. All these mentioned sum price along with the ex-showroom price of the new car is the On-Road price of the vehicle.

 How to select the Engine Capacity?


The engine is the heart of any car. Therefore, when you’re buying a new car, understanding the capacity of the engine and its strength is important. Engines are measured in cubic centimeters (CC). For instance, if a 1000 CC car engine displaces 1 liter air and fuel mixture then it will be called a 1.0 liter engine.

If you would like to purchase family economic saloon car, then an 800 CC car will be very much pocket-friendly. You can opt for a car with 1200-1500 CC for an excellent driving and air-conditioning experience. SUVs or wagons with higher CC engines ensure higher performance on-road.

Check the number of cylinders in the engines. With more cylinders the horsepower enhances. For example, luxury cars like Mercedes Benz have round 4 cylinders with a maverick exhaust system. The excellent driving experience with the enormous engine ensures the true spirit of driving a luxury car.

Drive your car softly so that you can take excellent care of the engine of your vehicle. There is no need to pressurize the accelerators when you can try to balance it more while shifting gears. The more you take good care of the driving; the longevity of the engine can be ensured.

How to choose your car dealer?

Finally, choose the car dealer smartly. A good dealer always provides buyers with talented sales assistance and ensure them with best prices of the chosen cars.

Here are some qualities of the top  new car dealers-

Prioritize customers

A good car dealer will always aim to offer personalized attention to each customer. When you visit the dealership, check the attitude of the salesperson in terms of being attentive to customers. Usually, they follow different job responsibilities so initially an executive salesperson will attend you. If you wish to know more about additional services then you can expect the manager to arrive in front of you and clarify certain pieces of information for upgrading the base models, costs, warranties and more.

Ready to go beyond limits

A good dealership trains their executives and managers to ensure the customers with any service they wish to have. The salespersons help the customers in selecting the base models from different classes then they inspire the customers to install interiors and upgrade the vehicle into a sports utility vehicle. For that, they can go beyond their limits to ensure the customers with all the customizations they have asked for.

Well-behaved and responsive

From the reception to salespersons everyone in the dealership should be well-mannered and responsive. You can expect a call back immediately after calling for any help from them. Top dealers maintain customer relationships with sophisticated software.

Diverse services under one roof

From extending warranties to installing new interiors- the best auto dealers provide myriad services under one roof. They offer to provide financing for their customers after collaborating with a bank. Customers can directly sign up for the financing options with the dealer.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Finally, visit the auto dealership rated & reviewed for assuring 100% customer satisfaction. For that, they offer different services including upgrading the wheels, improving the interiors etc, along with providing the financing of new cars.

Consider applying these guidelines when visiting an auto dealer for buying the new car.


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