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Why you should not trust CARAT MACHINE at Branded Jewelry Stores


Note: In various countries carat is also written as Karat.

Carat machines are now a days we see installed at various famous brand stores for Gold purchasing.

We became so happy to see the carat value of gold we are purchasing is same as shown by the machine.
Have you ever thought of how this machine measures the carat value of your gold?

Let me tell you.. these machines can only verify the carat value of surface.

Suppose you have a 8 gram of iron lid which is covered or plated by 23 carat gold of 2 grams then the machine will show the reading as 23 carat for the whole 10 gram iron lid.

Please note this machine can only measure carat value of the surface not inspects inside the surface.

See this articleClick here to see how it measures surface coating only

Thats why whenever you give gold to these stores they will not check through carat machine, instead they will melt your gold before purchasing.

So please dont rely blindly on the carat machine.

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