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CASHBACK on Online shopping 

Earnings through online shopping.

Hey ! Have you ever thought of getting rewarded for online shopping you did.


You Shall be rewarded...

There is a way..

Let me tell you.

So, how you shop ? You go to the website like Flipkart or Amazon or Myntra or etc.

Now you select your product

Add it to your cart

Then check out with your preferred method.

And thats it. 

Your order has been placed.

So, the question still remains ? How you shall earn this way...

Ok ok

Go to this website www.cashkaro.com

Register here.

Now click on flipkart or amazon or any other website from where you wish to purchase.

That website shall open , now you shop the same way you do always. 

But , but , but here is the reward.

You shall get cashback from cashkaro.com approx 1 to 5 % in your cashkaro account.

You can get amazon or flipkart voucher once you collect 250 rs cashback.

Also you can transfer the fund to your bank account.


So dont be late ..

Register here for cashkaro.com

Note : 

  • Cashkaro rewards are credited only after return period of the product is over.
  • Cashkaro rewards are only credited if the product purchased is not in the wishlist or Cart from earlier. Product must be added to cart only after reaching the website through cashkaro.
  • Read other terms and conditions of cashkaro rewards on cashkaro website.

FINAL VERDICT : You should always use Cashkaro website before making any online purchase so that you can always earn approx 1% to 5 % of the transaction amount as cashback. Its a no loss business chance because if you buy without cashkaro you shall earn nothing. If you purchase online proucts of INR 60000 per year, you can save approx INR 3000/- if you get 5 % cashback.

So please checkout the website you shall get more rewarding websites inside cashkaro.

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